Mining BTC has never been easier.

Start mining and get bitcoins right now with NimbusMining. Pay with credit card, bank transfer or bitcoin. No experience required. Our pricing plans go as low as $0.80/GH. All inventory at $0.65/GH is now sold out. Order limit of 5,000 GH per person.

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Why mine instead of buying bitcoins?

Why be on the sidelines of the bitcoin innovation when you can be in the action. Mining bitcoins is a process that allows you to get or obtain bitcoins at potentially lower cost than buying them. Mining bitcoins with NimbusMining is designed for anyone with any level of experience, if you can use Facebook you can use You purchase a mining contract that runs for 12 months as long as the mining proceeds can for pay maintenance fee and then just watch the bitcoins accumulate as they are mined.

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What is Cloud Mining?

Cloud Mining is a service that allows anyone to take part in the mining of bitcoins by “renting” miners hardware time in the cloud. Nimbus Mining has built a powerful network of computers designed to mine bitcoins. The power those machines generate to find bitcoins is called “Hashing Power”. We sell that hashing power in the form of mining plans that are measured in Gigahashes (GH). The more GH you purchase the more hashing power you own and the more bitcoins you mine. We guide you through the simple process of activating your mining plan and off to mining you go.

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About NimbusMining

NimbusMining is part of the CoinWare group of companies and our goal is to make bitcoins accessible to everyone. We believe bitcoin can transform the world for the better and we are doing our part to make this happen. NimbusMining allows people with no prior experience in the subject and without any technical background to start participating in the new bitcoin economy and obtain bitcoins through mining.

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BRONZE | $0.94/GH*


*$940 + Monthly Maintenance


Silver | $0.87/GH*


*$2610 + Monthly Maintenance


Gold | $0.80/GH*


$4000 + Monthly Maintenance



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