Cloud Mining Plans

NimbusMining plans leverage our Managed Cloud to serve up within just minutes reliable, secure and powerful cloud mining. Plans run for 12 months as long as the mining proceeds are sufficient to cover the maintenance fee. Choose your mining pool if you prefer and get guaranteed hashing power to start mining now!

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* No Hidden Monthly Costs (see chart below)

BRONZE | $0.94/GH*


*$940 + Monthly Maintenance


Silver | $0.87/GH*


*$2610 + Monthly Maintenance


Gold | $0.80/GH*


$4000 + Monthly Maintenance



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1. No Hidden Costs

Maintenance Fee this Month: $0.105 per gigahash.

We believe in transparency when it comes to what you pay for, specially your mining contracts. We tell you upfront what the maintenance fee for each month will be and we charge this fee on a daily basis by submitting fewer gigahashes to the mine pool. This maintenance fee covers electrical power, repairs and labor. Many of our competitors keep a percentage of your total bitcoins mined as payment for miscellaneous administrations/maintenance fees without disclosing what these are.

2. Choose Your Pool

On sign-up NimbusMining assigns you to our default mining pool Eclipse. For small mining plans, Eclipse is a great pool to start mining with, it has no minimum bitcoin payout, frequent payments, good reporting and a reasonable management fee of 5% of what you mine. For large mining plans buyers who want a 0% fee pool or for advanced users who want to select their own pool, we provide a simple form to fill and the change is done automatically. Pools are independently operated businesses that we partner with to provide you a full cloud mining solution.

3. Guaranteed Power

Service interruption is a part of our industry. However, your average hashing power will not be affected. If your hashing power briefly goes offline you are compensated with additional hash rate once online again. How does this work? Double redundancy. We have multiple data centers with backup equipment at each. CoinWare EHC™ software handles reassigning hashing on the fly to ensure maximum uptime.


Customize it to your needs

Whether you are a seasoned bitcoin miner or you are just getting started our cloud mining plans can be customized to your needs. You select the amount hashing power you desire and the pool you wish to mine to.

Mining plan term

NimbusMining Plans run for 12 months as long as the mining proceeds cover paying the maintenance fee. To understand more about how the maintenance fee is calculated go to: Maintenance Fee.


You can buy as many different plans as you want and manage them from the same dashboard.

Multiple methods of payment

Purchase with check by mail, credit card, wire transfer or bitcoin. Automatic credit card purchases are limited to $3,000. Higher amounts require additional verification.

Get started quickly

We don’t ask for any more information than what a credit card transaction would ask for.

Customer service 24/7

We are available via email to answer questions / concerns and address issues you might have.